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TheVegetarianAthlete.com is a companion site to our family's website, 21st Century Vegetarians, which is dedicated to sharing everything my husband Londale and I have learned over the years about living a vegetarian lifestyle and raising vegetarian (and athletic) children, Kamaal, and Londale II (pictured).

We found that the ultimate myth about vegetarianism is that you cannot  compete as an athlete at an elite level as a vegetarian. Our research as well as our personal experience proves this myth to be completely untrue. This website is dedicated to sharing what we know with those that are interested in the vegetarian way of life and are athletes. Be sure to check out my son's video interview on how he maintains his athletic lifestyle as a vegetarian.

We hope you find this information insightful, informative, and useful. Most of all, we hope this site helps you gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue your life as an athlete and a vegetarian.

Thanks for visiting!

Martha Theus, Founder, 21st Century Vegetarians, and author of Throwin' Down Vegetarian Style!, Our Family's Guide to Practical Vegetarian Living in the 21st Century.