Nutrition is always the main concern of vegetarian athletes, especially the question of protein intake and supplements. The following chart and information will help you DISPEL THE MISCONCEPTION THAT VEGETARIANS DO NOT GET ENOUGH PROTEIN and plan your diet for optimal performance while maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle. Click on each link or book image for more details.

"A misconception remains a misconception even when it is shared by a majortiy of the people."
Description Excerpt - Exercise, train, and compete at your best on a vegetarian diet.

This book combines the unique demands of sports with a healthy vegetarian diet that can help you build energy and endurance and reduce body fat. Whether you are carbo-loading before a marathon or fine-tuning nutrition to get the most out of your workout, registered dietitian and elite vegetarian athlete Lisa Dorfman provides step-by-step information on how to customize your own sport-specific nutrition program and calculate a personal dietary plan for training The Vegetarian Sports Nutrition Guide includes personal stories of athletes who have made the switch to vegetarian diets from football players and wrestlers to ice skaters and marathoners, some of whom have beaten life-threatening illnesses with the help of this lifestyle. Lisa Dorfman also shares the training secrets of seventeen Olympic and world-class athletes who have used their vegetarian diets to achieve peak performance in their careers and optimum health in their lives.
Description Excerpt and Review

The thrive diet is a long-term eating plan to help all athletes (professional or not) develop a lean body, sharp mind, and everlasting energy. As one of the few professional athletes on a plant-based diet, Brendan Brazier researched and developed this easy-to-follow program to enhance his performance as an elite endurance competitor.

"The Thrive Diet is a life-changing book! The nutrition approach that Brendan lays out for you is amazing in its own right, but he has backed it all with powerful facts. If you want to reduce stress, feel great, eat well, and attain your healthiest you ever, get this book." -- Jon Hinds, founder/owner of Monkey Bar Gymnasium, former NBA Strength Coach, advisor to MLB and NFL teams, and Hollywood trainer
Throwin' Down Vegetarian Style - Our Family's Guide to Practical Vegetarian Living in the 21st Century

This is our family's cookbook. It explains in detail exactly what we eat and how  we were raised on a vegetarian diet. It also includes over 75 recipes that are out family's favorites which are delicisous, nutritious, and best of all - easy and quick to prepare.

Check out the chapter But Where Do You Get Your Protein?   to see a comparison of what I eat on a typical day vs. what is common for a college student.
Editorial Review - Vegan Nutrition and Endurance Sports

A vegan diet (refraining from the consumption of all animal products) is the optimal nourishment for personal well-being, vitality and health, as well as the basis for top performance in endurance sports. In clear and concise language, Arnold Wiegand describes a realistic method for making a healthy vegan diet second nature, and combining it with endurance athletics. Arnold Wiegand has participated in highly competitive endurance races, including marathon swims - 16,5 mile, the 101 mile run, and the Ironman-Triathlon, to name just a few. He has shown that purely vegan nourishment and endurance sports can be combined with great success. This book includes a wealth of medical knowledge, training suggestions, and practical tips drawn from the experiences of a professional endurance athlete.

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Who Says You Have to Eat Meat to be a Successful Athlete?
Sports Illustrated writer Jonah Keri's article featuring Tony Gonzalez, Prince Fielder, and other vegetarian/vegan athletes.

Eat Better, Perform Better  - Sports Nutrition Guidelines for the Vegetarian, Enette Larson, M.S., R.D.
This article is presented by The Vegetarian Resource Group and has information about what to eat before, during, and after competition or training.

Vegetarian Diet for Exercise and Athletic Training and Performing: An Update, Enette Larson, M.S.,R.D.
This is an update or the above article and has more information and even a special section for femail athletes.

Veganism and the Issue of Protein
Information presented by P.E.T.A (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

The Vegetarian Resource Group Nutrition Informaton - this is a great list of all sorts of vegetarian nutrition information such as iron in the vegetarian diet, gluten-free cuisine, and protein in the vegetarian diet.

Protein in the Vegan Diet - another article with information and charts about protein requirements of vegan presented by The Vegetarian Resource Group.

The Vegan Athlete, Karissa Karr.
This is an article by a teenages vegan athlete which is posted on

Ask The Vegan Athlete, Brendan Brazier
This is an interview by Vegetarians in Paradise of Brendan Brazier (author of Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide listed above)

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The China Study is the most comprehensive book written on vegetarianism, period. This is the book that converted  Tony Gonzalez of the Kansas City Chiefs to a vegetarian. Click on the image for more information.  Also check out Dr. Campbell's article about Vegetarian Athletes - Muscling Out The Meat Myth.      

Editorial Reviews

"[These] findings from the most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease are challenging much of American dietary dogma."  —The New York Times

"Reflects the profound changes that industrialization is bringing to diet and disease patterns in China, statistics that have had an impact on reevaluating dietary policy in the United States and worldwide."  —Washington Post

"This is one of the most important books about nutrition ever written—reading it may save your life."  —Dean Ornish, MD, Oprah Winfrey's personal physician, author, Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease and Love & Survival

"Today, AICR [American Institute for Cancer Research] advocates a predominantly plant-based diet for lower cancer risk because of the great work Dr. Campbell and just a few other visionaries began 25 years ago."  —Marilyn Gentry, president, AICR

"The most important book on health, diet and nutrition ever written. Its impact will only grow over time and it will ultimately improve the health and longevity of tens of millions of people around the world."  —John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods